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Hi, my name is Juuso. I have different hats for different roles in my life. I change the hats only in my mind so I always look pretty much like the picture below.

This page contains some basic information about me, more can be found by googling me.

Hat 1: Private person

Firstly, I am a private person who was born in Espoo, Finland, went to school in Hyvinkรครค and came back to Espoo to study at Aalto University. Today, I am an entrepreneurially minded researcher with a mission to turn the world into a better place with digital twins.

Hat 2: Digital twin researcher

Secondly, I am a digital twin researcher at Aalto University, pursuing a doctoral degree with working title "Digital Twin for Industrial Products".
Please see my official Aalto profile or self-made page for more info.
For publications, see my Google Scholar profile.

Hat 3: Autiosalo Ltd entrepreneur

I am founder, CEO, and digital twin strategy wizard of Autiosalo Ltd.
Find out more at autiosalo.com

Contact info

I will have the private hat on when you reach me from these channels:
Phone: +358 400459526 (Signal)
Email: {firstname} at autiosalo dot fi

My personal feedback form
Social media profiles
- Feel free to connect, you can mention that you found me on this website.
- I try to avoid using this as Facebook is employing strategies that neglect their users. (Waiting for Solid to become usable. See my current Solid Pod here.)
I also post pictures of food to Instagram. (Isn't that how it's supposed to be used?)
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